nitrox class

This course is for all divers of any level. Find out why enriched air/nitrox diving can extend your bottom time allowing for longer dives. It can allow you to get back into the water sooner between dives and can add more conservatism to your diving. This makes it a great tool to have for those dive trips or any time you are making multiple dives in a day or many dives over several days. 

What will I do?

The Enriched Air/Nitrox course combines self-study, classroom and simulated dive planning to complete the following:

  • Review knowledge questions from self study book and video with the instructor

  • Compressor room tour

  • Procedures for ordering an analyzing a nitrox cylinder

  • Analyze multiple cylinders using different types of oxygen analyzers

  • Sign for and log a nitrox fill

  • Using a nitrox computer set the correct oxygen percentage, calculate the maximum operating depth and plan a simulated dive

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