Scuba diving extends us in many ways, both physically and mentally. With dive travel we experience a variety of  underwater environments and new above water cultures.


Join us for short trips to our backyard in the Caribbean and far away to the Galapagos, Antarctica, Socorros and beyond. Or, let us create a perfect trip from what is on your  “bucket list”.

Our trips are designed with all levels of divers in mind. We dive wrecks, explore caves, follow whale sharks, take relaxing recreational dives, go for the harder dives and offer full technical diving trips.


February 04, 2021


Located 200 miles south of Cabo San Lucas and home to Giant Manta Rays year-round. There is also a local population of bottlenose dolphins that have learned to mimic the behavior of the giant mantas. Shark sightings are also very good at Socorro Island with common sightings of silky, Galapagos, hammerhead, white tip and silver tip sharks. Whale sharks are usually spotted at the beginning and end of our season. A population of 1200 humpbacks moves into the islands waters in January and the chances are excellent that you will have encounters with these mighty giants.


We will have the entire newly launched luxury liveaboard Gallant Lady.


Travel to Cabo is easy with lots of reasonably priced flights. Once aboard the ship you will want for nothing the rest of the week as all the diving, staterooms, meals and snacks are included


MAY 29, 2021

Dive the Galapagos, home to everything big - Whale Sharks, Hammerheads, Mola Mola, Rays, Bait Balls, Schools of Fish and so much more.

The Galapagos is an extremely hard ticket to come by due to the limited number of divers and permitted live-aboards allowed to operate. We have secured a 7-day live-aboard diving excursion aboard the M/V Galapagos Sky. This amazing boat offers master and deluxe staterooms. All staterooms come configured for double occupancy and have a private bathroom.

The itinerary includes both the southern and northern islands with 3 days at Darwin and Wolf Islands. The Galapagos are home to the big animals - Hammerheads, Whale Sharks, Silky Sharks, Rays, Rays, Rays, and Mola Mola, along with Marine Iguanas. There will be an opportunity for land walks throughout the week. On land, you never know what you might run into, but you should definitely get a chance to photo a few "booby" birds (they're everywhere!).