Learn techniques to capture the best still and video shots underwater. Learn your own camera system, digital processing and publishing techniques.




Flexible options to get you certified. Featuring PADI's eLearning programs you complete the knowledge development portions at your convenience. The next step is two days of pool and practical training. This is followed by a day of diving from the beach and a day off the boat, and you will earn your Open Water Diver certification, good for a lifetime of adventure. Click here to learn about the scuba gear you will be using.

The goal of the class is to make you a comfortable and competent diver in the water. Our approach is to work to provide you a comfortable learning environment. This starts with a cost that includes everything for the course (no hidden fees) and using small classes to maximize your learning. The only thing that you need is your personal fit items, mask, fins and snorkel.

We run classes frequently and can accommodate most schedules. Minimum age to start is 10 years old (under 16 need to have a parent or guardian present with them during the class).  Give us a call to get more information or sign up for class.




Have you been away from diving for a while? Need to review and refresh your skills before a trip? We can get you back into the water with a personalized Scuba Review.  Each class focuses on the skills you need to refresh.

PADI divers can take advantage of the PADI Reactivate program, allowing you to do your review in the pool or open water, or both if the you have been away from diving for an extended period of time. After you complete the Reactivate program, you will get a new certification card with your class date that you can take anywhere in the world with you to show you are ready to dive.

Scuba Reviews and Reactivate courses are scheduled on demand to meet your needs, just give us a call.




Whether you are new diver or have a number of dives under your belt this course allows you try new types of diving under supervision. Not sure if you will like deep diving- come give it a try, want to see a wreck - let's go dive on one, want to know if you'll like night diving - only one way to find out. This course lets you build on your basic diving skills while trying different disciplines or types of diving. If you find something you like then you can go on and learn more or use your new skills to practice more and get experience.

Start with the PADI's eLearning, or start with the diving. In this program, we will build your experience as a diver and introduce you to new environments. This course can be taught here, or while on a weekend trip to the Keys. This program has a flexible schedule as well to meet your needs. This certification will open up dives that may require the Advanced Open Water Diver rating due to depth, water conditions or diving logistics. 


Minimum age to start the course is 10 years old, (Adventure Diver) and 12 years old for the full Adavnced Open Water Diver. Give us a call to get more information or sign up for class.




Rescue diver is the goal of all recreational divers. After completing this course you will be prepared to assist other divers in the event of an emergency. But, you will also understand your personal limits, gain a better understanding of your equipment configuration and become better at problem preventation. 

The goal is build your knowledge and skills so you have the confidence to act in any dive emergency, We are also going to go over preventing dive emergencies from happening. Often described as the most challenging course in diving, this will push some of your personal limits and give you a better understanding of your abilities. 

There are three parts, the core Rescue Diver course starts with eLearning, and then has two days in open water. The Emergency First Responder course and Emergency Oxygen Provider course focus on response to dive emergencies and takes place in the classroom. The minimum age for enrolling in the Rescue Diver course is 12 years old.




Build your skills as a diver. Each course presents a unique set of skills to dive in a different environment or style. Mastering these skills will make you a better diver overall. Achieve the Master Scuba Diver certification, the highest level for recreational diving.




Love scuba diving? Want to share it with others on a whole new level? Take the PADI Divemaster course and do what you love to do as a career. Scuba divers look up to divemasters because they are leaders who mentor and motivate others. As a divemaster, you not only get to dive a lot, but also experience the joy of seeing others have as much fun diving as you do.

If you like people, have a passion for scuba diving and want an extraordinary life – become a PADI Instructor. Teaching scuba diving allows you to share your love of the aquatic world with others while doing what you enjoy – being in, around and under water. PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors and PADI Assistant Instructors are the most sought-after dive professionals around the world because they’ve completed the program that sets the standard for training dive professionals. You earn a PADI Instructor rating through hard work and commitment, but you’re rewarded with a job that lets you share incredible underwater adventures with others – transforming their lives for the better and enriching yours.

Ready to build your skills as an instructor? Becoming and IDC Staff Instructor, or learning to teach a new specialty course will make you more profitable and allow you to pursue your interests in diving. We offer Specialty Instructor classes for all specialties as well as the IDC Staff Instructor course. Let us know how we can meet your needs as a professional.

Courses offered: Divemaster, EFR Instructor, Assistant Instructor, Open Water Scuba Instructor (IDC), Specialty Instructor, & IDC Staff Instructor, 




Technical (tec) diving means going beyond recreational scuba diving limits. But, tec divers will tell you that it’s really about the challenge and adventure of exploring places that no one else has ever seen. Tec diving is not for everyone, but it does attract experienced divers who want to go beyond their current limits and are willing to accept the added risks, training, investment and commitment it demands. 

We offer both tec and cave diving. Both diving disciplines are related, but each allows you to explore different interests. Tec and cave diving will challenge you in new ways, pushing you to have the best dive skills you can.

We offer both diver level as well as instructor level courses:

Diver level courses offered: Tec 40, Tec 45, Tec 50, Tec Trimix, Tec SidemountTec Gas Blender

Instructor level courses offered: Tec Instructor, Tec Deep Instructor, Tec Trimix Instructor, Tec Gas Blender Instructor & Tec Sidemount Instructor




Join the latest in diving technology and stop blowing bubbles! Rebreathers offer a lot of benefits, longer bottom times, more comfortable to wear, and allow you to get closer to marine life.

Recreational level rebreather classes teach you how to dive within no decompression limits and are specifically focused on the rebreather model you use. The technical course will take you beyond recreational limits and combines all of the core technical training in the course. You can start training at either the recreational or technical level, depending on what you plan to dive after the course.

Courses offered: Recreational Rebreather Diver/Advanced Rebreather Diver, Tec 40 CCR, & Tec 60 CCR on the Poseidon and AP Vision rebreathers.

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