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5 Quick Equipment Tips!

Quick Tips for Equipment Stuff

1. Rinsed you gear with the dust cap out? Not a huge deal. All you need to do is remove the pressure gauge and/or pressure sender, connect the regulator up to a tank and GENTLY blow the water out the high pressure port. Be cautious! The air comes out fast, so keep your hands away. Also, purge the second stage(s) to move the water down through them.

2. My gear wasn’t rinsed for a few days after diving! Go ahead and set up a warm water bath (in the tub or bucket) and let your gear soak for at least 10 hours or so to help break up the salt.

3. My regulator is pulling my mouth! Check your first stage – are there any ports that would work better for you. If it is pushing your mouth, move to a port away from your head and if it is pulling, move to a port toward your head.

4. I don’t know how to move a hose from one port to another. Don’t worry, you can’ confuse low pressure and high pressure (different sizes), so take out the Allen wrench that was in the box your regulator came in – if you don’t have it, it is a standard size – loosen the port plug and set it aside. Go ahead and use a wrench to remove the hose you are wanting to move. Hand screw the hose into the port you want to move it to, then very slightly tighten it with a wrench. The key is to not over tighten the hose, just enough so that you can’ unscrew it with your fingers.

5. What should I have in my save a dive kit? I would start with the Allen key from above, an adjustable wrench (on the small side), mouthpiece, tie wraps, high pressure spool, mask strap, fin strap, silicone grease, and an assortment of o’rings.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. Greg

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