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Bahamas - JULIET SAILING LIVEABOARD - September 9th to 15th, 2023

“No flights! Leaves from Miami!”

Our Bahamas are different. We sail and dive where no one else goes. You won’t see another dive boat – or any boat some days – for miles. We start out diving the Bimini Chain and travel south towards Orange Cay, stopping at dive sites such as Bull Run, Nodules Wall, and Victory Reef to name a few of the abundant choices. South of Orange Cay is amazing diving along the edge of the Grand Bahama Bank and the Santaren Channel. These remote sites are some of our best kept secrets, dove exclusively by Juliet passengers, and host an abundance of life comparable to premier dive destinations around the world. On occasion of good weather and adventurous guests, we’ll even cruise up to West End to explore the sharky water off Grand Bahama.

Best known for the endless visibility – thanks to the white sand and bright sun – the area of the Bahamas we dive is located close to the nutrient-rich currents of the Gulf Stream, which helps to feed the coral and keep the reefs healthy. They provide beautiful, safe shelters for a huge diversity of fish.

On the edge of the Gulf Stream are beautiful awe-inspiring walls offering dramatic drift dives when the current is running. Closer to shore are shallower patch reefs, some with heads 15′ tall and loaded with swim-throughs. There is no shortage of wrecks either. Some of our favorites are: the Sapona – half in, half out of the water and surrounded with fish; the Hesperus Wreck with thick schools of fish and huge Loggerhead Turtles that bed down here at night; and the Bimini Barge, where you never know what might swim in from the Gulf Stream; schools of Mahi-mahi, dolphins, once even a humpback whale was seen here!



@ (941) 870-4461

$1,890 ppdo Ensuite

$1,690 ppdo Standard


ü On a typical 7 day trip you can expect to do 18-20 dives per trip

ü Night dives each night except the last night

ü Ensuite cabins available

ü Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner with snack and hors d’oevres

ü Sodas, juices, beer, wine and liquor

ü Laundry service

Not Included:

· Nitrox, $100

· Bahamas port fee, ~$120

· Tips for dive staff

· Travel Insurance is HIGHLY recommended

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