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Galapagos Trip - June 6 - June 13, 2021 - Rebreather Friendly

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Rebreather Friendly Live-Aboard Galapagos Islands June 6 – 13, 2021

The Galapagos archipelago is a world-famous hotspot for observing marine megafauna, especially sharks. The use of rebreather technologies provides great opportunity for very close wildlife experiences in the islands. In the Galapagos hundreds of hammerhead sharks and giant manta rays cruising overhead while big schools of Galapagos sharks wonder very close can be the preview scene for a bus sized whale shark to appear out of the blue…

This is a reason why many diving enthusiasts and underwater imaging specialists come every year.

But very few of the regular tourists will have the opportunity to witness this world heritage national park in its perfect silence. If the experience is amazing enough in Open Circuit imagine it with the bubble less and quiet and moist environment a rebreather provides.

From June 6 - 13, 2021 a rebreather-oriented expedition to the Galapagos Islands is being organized by PADI Course Director, Technical Instructor Trainer and owner of Florida Underwater Sports Tim Perrault and CCR Instructor Trainer and owner of Silent DivingMike Fowler. The specialized trip is being supported by Galapagos Rebreathers. This is among few rebreather only trips in the Galapagos. Trips like this have rarely been put together in the past and this amazing experience is now made available to a very limited and select group of divers.

Organizers have chartered the Galapagos Sky, a steel hulled vessel 100 feet long with 24 foot beam licensed live-aboard vessel with capacity to accommodate 16 divers in 8 air-conditioned double occupancy cabins with private bath and showers. A comfortable dive deck and a camera table are available for all divers. Social areas include a partially covered sundeck, ample seating space and a salon including a lounge and dining area.

Galapagos Rebreathers will provide an expedition technician to operate boosters and deliver high pressure oxygen. Granular CO2 absorbent, on board steel 2 or 3 liter rebreather cylinders with inline style valves and 6 liter/40 cu ft aluminum bailout cylinders with DIN convertible valves and stage / sidemount rigging will be available for all rebreather divers.

Price: No surprises trip fee is $8795 USD Deluxe room or $8995 USDMaster room per diver. Price includes the following items: • Accommodation on double occupancy cabins on board M/Y Galapagos Sky • Transportation to and from dive sites • Transfers to and from San Cristobal airport • All meals and snacks, coffee, tea, drinking water, beer and wine while on board • Air or Nitrox diluent and bailout • Sofnolime 8-12 (1 - 2.5mm) CO2 absorbent • Two Rebreather Galapagos Marine Reserve dive masters • One Rebreather support technician for the entire duration of the trip • High pressure (150+ bar) medical grade Oxygen provided from Haskell Booster Pump • Rental of one set of 2 or 3 liter steel cylinders for on board gas with in line style valves • Rental of one 40cf / 5.7 liter bailout cylinder with DIN/Yoke 200 bar convertible valve • Stage or sidemount rigging for off board bailout system

Not Included:

· Dive Insurance (DAN)

· Travel to/from Ecuador

· Travel to/from Galapagos Islands

· Tips

· Souvenirs

· Alcohol

· Entry/Exit, Park, Transit or Hyperbaric fees

· Extra required night in Ecuador prior to trip

· Any pre or post travel/accommodations

Contact Information: Tim Perrault 941-870-4461 – Florida Underwater Sports 206-227-9715 - cell

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