• Bo Galford

Scuba Refresher 101

The study materials walked me through the critical basics; dive planning, buddy check, gear assembly, hand signals and proper breathing,to name a few. The more I studied the more it came back to me and I started feeling comfortable about my trip.

After studying the materials it was time for the giant stride ...right into the pool.

Our class of three had a good mix of age and experience, and our instructor worked individualliy with us. He stopped and made sure we understood why a certain skill was important and then demonstrated how to execute it.

Watching the other two students helped reinforce the skill in my mind. One student was perfect and then there was myself who took longer to respond and was a good test of our instructors patience. But I persisted and felt that I had accomplished my goal.

If you have been out of the water for awhile the Scuba Refresher is the best investment you can make. It gives you the confidence in your gear and skills so you can have relaxing dives and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.


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