Should you be a Scuba Instructor?

Should you be a Scuba Instructor?

Scuba instructors are at the heart of the dive industry. They are mentors, heroes, environmental advocates, explorers, counselors and much more, but they are also educators. Without scuba instructors there would be far fewer divers, charter boats, tested and robust scuba equipment, and dive buddies. There wouldn’t be new discoveries, citizen researchers, or as many advocates for our oceans, rivers, lakes and springs. Scuba instructors are the divers that teach new people to scuba dive and then further educate and introduce them to all scuba diving has to offer. They teach divers about new places, diving techniques, equipment, ideas, activities and conservation to highlight just a few. Instructors help educate new and experienced divers so they may expand their knowledge and skill set to pursue and accomplish their own personal goals. In the end, a scuba instructor is responsible for changing other people’s lives.

How do I become a Scuba Instructor?

The scuba Instructor course focuses on 3 broad areas: teaching people, and how students learn; control & management (safety); standards & procedures for scuba training. What is noticeably missing is – learning to dive. It may seem obvious, but this is a pre-requisite for becoming a scuba instructor. Divers thinking about becoming instructors will need to have completed several recreational diver courses and have experience/dives beyond training. The minimum certifications include open water, advanced open water, rescue diver and divemaster. Divers should also have experience in night, deep, navigation and search & recovery diving. Taking classes in these areas is highly recommended, but a logbook documenting these activities is also acceptable. To enroll in an instructor course, you need 60 dives but must have 100 before you can take the instructor exams. As you can see, the training will only get you so far, you also need to be an active diver. As mentioned earlier, this leaves just one thing left, learning how to teach people scuba diving. This might sound easy to an experienced diver, but you need to remember back to that first time you took a breath underwater or tried to navigate back to the boat. Teaching someone those skills and keeping them safe at the same time in the real world is what scuba instructor training is all about.

I’m interested. How do I signup or find out more?

Call or email us to sign up for the Instructor Development Course and Instructor Exam. These are offered several times a year and there are private or semi-private scheduling options. We recommend contacting us to schedule an appointment to discuss your goals and current level of training/experience. This way we can assist to meet your long-term goals.

Florida underwater Sports is a 5-star Instructor Development Center (IDC). With 2 course directors and several IDC staff instructors on-site, we offer all levels of Scuba Instructor training for both recreational and technical diving. For more details about the instructor development course visit

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