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We run guided dives in the local area for fossils and beach dives. A great place to get in an easy shallow dive and come back with some fossils, or just relax underwater for a bit. We can also help you find a good dive site and let you know what the latest weather and visibility conditions are. Just come on by if you are diving on your own, or call us to book a guided dive.


Ready to get started today?  Click below to view some of the courses we have available for online bookings.  Give us a call if you have questions about any classes or you would like to sign up for something you don't see here.  All online eLearning costs are included in your course.


Feel free to browse through our online store.  Not all of our products are featured and we stock an extensive collection of beginner and professional scuba and snorkel equipment.  Please give us a call if there is anything you are searching for that is not featured.  We only carry products that we believe in and would take to the deepest depths.


Want to hop on our Galapagos trip?  Have something in mind that you don't see?  We can put together custom group itineraries to accommodate your friends and family locally, around Florida, or overseas.  We have travel experience throughout 75 countries of the world and can help create a custom itinerary or provide information and logistics for your upcoming travel.  Drop us a line and let us know what you would like to book. 

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