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Scuba Gear




Ready to join the ranks of the most elite class of recreational scuba divers?  The PADI Master Scuba Diver recognition is the highest certification level you can hope to achieve as a recreational diver.  Presenting this card lets divers and operators worldwide know that you have extensive experience underwater.  This course can be set up for a timeline of your choice and we will create a custom training plan tailored to your specific interests.  There are many different routes to chose while striving for this recognition, and it doesn't come easy.  If you are ready for a challenge, then ask us about setting up your timeline and lets get started!

Course goals:

  • Beginning with Open Water, we will start building fundamentals to push your training to the limits.

  • Complete an Advanced Open Water course

  • Complete a Rescue Diver course with EFR training

  • Complete 5 specialty certification courses (Wreck, night, navigation, buoyancy, etc)

  • Log 50 open water dives (both in class and independently)

  • Equipment needed: personal fit, mask, fins and snorkel are strongly recommended.  Rental packages are available for the course, but we encourage students to have their own gear at this level. 

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