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Florida has a wealth of dive sites that will warm the most avid diver's heart!

Popular trips are, Key Largo, Jupiter, West Palm, Devil's Den, Blue Heron Bridge, Crystal River for the Manatees and Florida's extensive cave system. 

Need a Wreck Diver or Advanced certification? This is a good time to combine your trip with a certification. 

Most of our trips appeal to both divers and snorkelers so feel free to bring your family and friends if they are non-divers.  We always provide a good time above and below the water!

Not a diver? Take a guided Snorkeling tour to Point of Rocks. This is a series of natural ledges that offer a good couple of hours of fun in the water time. 


Your guide will find and educate you on the various inhabitants of our local waters. 

Click this link for dates and details. 

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