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Scuba gear is a very personal choice. A lot of factors come into play, such as budget, functionality, diving plans, travel, etc. We are here to help you get the gear that works for you. We carry a full line of gear for just starting out all the way to the most demanding gear for technical and CCR diving.


Come in to the store, learn about the differences in scuba gear and try on your options. Not local? Call or email and discuss your objectives with our professional staff. 

Below is a gear guide to help you get started. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Whether you just completed your Open Water certification and are buying your first regulator or have been diving for years and are needing to replace or upgrade, there are many different options. The place to start is to determine what type of diving excites you the most and your options should fall into place.

A regulator is the base for your diving and it is called "life-support" for a very good is. They are engineered for different conditions. All divers want smooth airflow and reliability. Beyond that are the nuances that help you choose wisely.

Recreational divers look for good all around quality. Technical divers may need to do a repair on the run so they choose one that can be worked on in the field. Cold water divers look for a reg set with thermal protection to keep the mechanical elements from the cold. Commercial and Public Safety divers need a sealed unit for working in contaminated water.

Exposure protection is another learning point. Wet suits and dry suits protect you from sun, stings and icy waters. A well fitting wet suit lets in enough water where the thermal exchange with your body heat keeps you comfortable. We can fit you with the perfect dry and semi-dry and wet suits for your diving adventure.

Buoyancy Compensation Devices (BCD's) are designed to fit your body and diving style. The Hydros Pro is a good traveler, it cleverly folds into its own backpack and leaves room for your reg set, wetsuit, bathing suit and a towel. Strap your fins on the outside and you are all ready. Other BCDs are streamlined, there are vest types, back inflates and those specifically cut for women. If you are a photographer you probably travel with lights, cameras and accessories so a lightweight unit is your best choice. A BCD with multiple handy D-rings will help you arrange your gear.

Dive Computers are busy keeping you updated with air pressure, direction, depth, dive time and decompression stops. That's a lot of critical information. Software can be downloaded and newer computers take readings of your activities more frequently which makes them more accurate and can extend your dive time.

Then there are the miscellaneous bits and pieces. We stock a variety of D-rings, reels, adapters, hoses, rigging supplies, and more. Let us help you find and set up just the right arrangement.

Remember that with your very own scuba equipment you know it intimately, how it functions, its quirks, where it has been and that it has been maintained and serviced regularly. 

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