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Join the latest in diving technology and enjoy the benefits of Closed Circuit Rebreather diving. CCRs are comfortable to wear, offer longer bottom times, bubble free diving, and intensely close marine life interactions. CCR courses are challenging and require a whole new way of thinking and executing your dive. It is appealing to a variety of divers from photographers to explorers and can be used at all depths for a variety of diving activities. With CCRS efficiency and almost unlimited gas supply they are quickly becoming the standard for deep technical divers, cave divers and and explorers. Courses are specific to CCR model and are available on the AP Inspiration XPD, EVP and EVO models and the Poseidon Se7en units.

Recreational and technical rebreather courses are available and focus specifically on the unit you use. Recreational courses teach you to dive within no decompression limits with a single bailout cylinder. Technical classes teach you beyond recreational depth and time limits, decompression planning and bailout and use of multiple bailout cylinders. You can start at either level depending on what you plan to dive after the course.

We run classes frequently and can accommodate most schedules. Minimum age to start is 18 years old Give us a call to get more information or sign up for class.

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